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Barley Mow Based in Norfolk the band plays mainly traditional English, Scottish
and Irish folk tunes. Core instruments are fiddle, accordion and electric bass guitar with
inclusion of tin whistle, recorder, tambourine, bass drum and lyre. Featured on BBC
Radio Norfolk and Look East; the band have their own caller.
Hear Barley Mow on Myspace
Beatroot Beatroot have been providing top quality Ceilidh entertainment for the last fifteen years. The current core group consists of Fiddle (Paul Keeler), Keyboards (Ivan Garford), Double Bass (John Preston),principal caller and sometime kitchen implement consultant (ie Percussionist!) is the fleet footed Derek Paice. The band's music is taken from various cultures, principally England, Ireland and ;France but also further afield. They are currently incorporating some of their own compositions as well, and have produced a mini CD for 2008 featuring Guitar and Clarinet, exploring ever new directions... Ivan Garford Music
Ethel's Cats Cambridgeshire based band with melodeon, concertina and
sousaphone. The name comes from one of the dances of Pig Dyke Molly of which the
band are all members.
Ethel's Cats' website
Fendragon Based in Cambridge, the band plays traditional English folk music, with some Irish, Scottish, French and American influences. Fiddle, flute/recorder, melodeon and piano Fendragon website
Four Hand Band Mary Humpreys and Anahata play music that is the product of years of research looking for good English tunes that are perfect for this type of dancing. They play with joyful, bouncy energy, tunes that were designed to get you on your feet and your feet off the floor! Four Hand Band website
Gan Aimh A new musical configuration of old friends led by Michael Sheehy(accordion) with Katie Howson(melodeon), Roger Digby(concertina), Liz Giddings(fiddle) and John Howson(guitar). The night will be a mixture of traditional English ceilidh and Irish dances called by Jill Haskew.
A four piece band with fiddle, accordion, piano and double bass.  Traditional tunes from across Europe, with improvisation. Freshly produced, organic, local musicians.  
Hosepipe Band
The Colchester-based Hosepipe Band is an electro-acoustic barn dance band playing traditional and newly composed material. Rhythmic and melodic, the band's sound mixes British and European influences website
Katie's Quartet Katie’s Quartet have been playing for ceilidhs and barn dances, parties and weddings, clubs and festivals for many years. As well as working over the whole of East Anglia, the band has also performed up and down the country from Cornwall to Lancashire. Much of the band’s material come from the traditional players of Suffolk and Norfolk, but tunes from Quebec and even Australia are also part of the current repertoire. The band’s style is lively and ultimately danceable, with spiky cello and banjo rhythms overlaid by the distinctive and high-energy sounds of the single row melodeon and mouthorgan.
Karen Tweed
"I play a 72 bass Pigini piano accordion supplied by the Music Room, Cleckheaton Yorkshire England and sometimes the melodica. Irish traditional music was my first love, but I've also delved into Scottish, Swedish, Danish and the music of New England through some great collaborations down the years.... and between tours I teach both privately and at workshops and folk degree courses. " Karen Tweed's website
Keel Band A five piece folk band based in Norfolk, performs mainly English folk music—reels, hornpipes and punchy marches.  We love their step hops.  A regular favourite at KH ceilidhs.    Contact: 01263 577885
The News of the Victory
The NotV weaves a hypnotic wall of sound from almost exclusively original, but trad-sounding, melodies marinated in the rock, jazz and classical influences of six skilled East Anglian musicians who won’t leave well enough alone. Voice, violin, guitar, keyboards, bass drums and percussion. website
Red Herrings Play a diverse range of melodies and songs from Canadian, Cajun, New England, Irish, Scottish, English, French and Scandanavian sources. Instruments include melodians, mandolin, triangle, fiddles, guitar, piano, recorders, whistle, clarinet, saxophone and musical saw. Red Herrings website
Rig-a-Jig-Jig Specialize in Norfolk tunes and dances. The band includes fiddle, mouthorgan, ukulele, melodeon, dulcimer and banjo players  
Liam Robinson Band
New to Keir Hardie this band plays traditional music in a vibrant and driving way. They have played across the UK and now regularly tour the Baltic states and Finland. Liam came up through the village barn dance circuit in his native Lincolnshire and has travelled the world teaching and performing traditional music and dance as a full time professional for the last 10 years. LR band are: Liam Robinson— melodeon, Nina Zagorski—piano, Tim Walker—percussion and cornet. Facebook Page
Mini Morris website
Skip Hire Established in 1992, Skiphire are a professional, highly experienced and respected Ceilidh band. John Ward, Richard Hubbard (bass, percussion, guitar) and Mario Price (violin, double bass) and occasionally other talented musicians, perform a wide variety of English, Scotish and Irish traditional jigs and reels etc but can also draw upon John and Mario's huge repetoire of popular rock and pop standards, light Jazz, Gypsy tunes and original songs. website
Skylarking   Skylarking website
STOOKEY BLUE   Facebook page
Triangle Band This band plays French, Irish and Playford tunes on hurdy gurdy, fiddles, flutes, and cello. Another first for KH, one of our regular members -Chris Davis will be calling for them. email
Willowspin Based in the wilds and wetlands of the Norfolk Broads UK, Willowspin plays traditional folk, and ceilidhs / barn dances - energetic reels, jigs, hornpipes, airs and other tunes from all parts of the UK. Website page