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Angi and Steve write -
We are starting a new dancing group in Dereham which will be a mixture of whatever we know or have done before and would like to pass on to others.   Styles to include English country, Scottish country, ceilidh / barn dance, Scandi, Contra and French/Breton and any combination of these to make it a Reelly Different and fun way to keep fit.  

Most of you will know how much fun this can be and we hope that, by having a mix of styles, we might encourage people to try new things and hopefully bring in others who are new to such dancing.   If you can count to 8 and have some energy to spare, come and see how much fun you can have burning off the Xmas excess. It will be on a very informal basis. No equipment or special shoes needed.

 Inexperienced & experienced dancers (couples or singles) welcome, also musicians of the above styles.   Practice & developing first hour (as and if required).  Second hour for dancing. If we have experienced dancers then we will probably get into dancing during the first hour. We would always appreciate experienced dancers to help out with the less experienced.  

We are trialing it on alternate Sunday afternoons from 3pm to 5pm starting next Sunday 13th January. All we need to do is cover the cost of the hall hire so the entrance fee will be £2 per person.   The venue will be in Toftwood, Dereham, less than two minutes from the A47.  

Phone Angi or Steve on 07572226282 or 07850343697 or email to express your interest and to make sure everything is going ahead as planned.  

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